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About The Portal

What is the Sweet-Seed Dealer Portal?

As fellow business owners, we know that your time is at a premium. We also understand that making time for placing purchasing calls, learning about new products, or keeping up to date with current vendor promotions can sometimes be…well, a hassle.

We’ve done our best to listen to your concerns, and have used your feedback to create the site you are on now, the Sweet-Seed Dealer Portal. This might be a good time to bookmark the page for easy reference in the future.

The site has been built to make the purchasing process as streamlined as possible, complete with updated pricing for ordering direct from Sweet-Seed (if you are not currently working with one of our distribution partners), and with one-click access for contacting your distributor (if you do).

How does it work?

If you have ever ordered something online, using the Sweet-Seed Dealer Portal will be a snap. Simply browse our complete catalog of products, learn more about the items, and place your order by filling out a short form. You will have instant access to up-to-date shipping and product costs. We will take it fro there, seeing to it that your order arrives to your store/warehouse in a timely fashion.

If you have been approved for terms, you will receive an invoice by email, or you can place your order with any major credit card. Easy, right?

I would encourage you to click around the site a bit, just to get a feel for how everything works, but if you still have any questions, we are always here to help.

Just, click over to the contact page, and send us an email or give us a call.

We appreciate your business and hope that the Dealer Portal will help you get back some of your valuable time.


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